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02/07 New turning and milling center

In 2007 we continue the project of intensive investment into manufacturing resources that was initiated at the beginning of the previous year.

On basis of the investment in the amount of around two hundred thousand Euros our production will receive a state of the art machine, which will significantly enhance our capacities in the areas of cnc turning and cnc milling.

This highly productive processing center integrates technologies of milling and turning of large measurement units, which enables an exceptional productivity.

12/06 Integrated technologies for primary wood processing

Along with the recently implemented technologies for final wood processing, this step completes and integrates the segment of wood processing.

Now we have complete control over the technological processes, from the initial to the final stages of the production of composed wood products, while the input is reduced to only raw materials.

In this context we would like to point out the possibility of making highly demanding products of solid wood. Here we stress the feature of vacuum drying and 6-axial cnc processing of large admeasurements, as well as accompanying technologies such as planing and top-quality varnishing.

09/06 New production capacities opened for individual market needs

The new sales strategy is to offer our production capacities to the market. The production capacities (metal and plastics processing, galvanization, wood processing, industrial electronics and software that used to be reserved exclusively for our own production program are from now on available to all interested customers according to their individual needs.

Our fields of interest are the medium serial production of parts, sub-assemblies, or assemblies within the scope of the production program.

Our plan is to supplement the free production capacities that were made available by recent investments, and to form a foundation that we can continue expanding on.

06/06 Third new production plant opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina / integrated technologies: final wood processing and galvanization

The new plant consists of galvanization and wood processing facilities.

The galvanization facility includes hard gilding and nickel-plating of large admeasurement units, the only of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The wood processing facility is supplied with cutting edge equipment for the production of technologically demanding products.

04/06 Recieving an award for the most successful small business production company

AwardOur subsidiary CNC-Proizvodnja Ltd. from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where most of our production capacities are located, won an award from the Chamber of Commerce for the most successful small business production company in Bosina and Herzegovina in 2005.

07/05 Implementation of VPM (Virtual Production Management)

Virtual Production Management (VPM)VPM (Virtual Production Management) is undoubtedly our company's largest and most promising development project.

This system introduces certain revolutionary changes in the operative organization of monitoring this type of production.

With complete cost control for the first time people are excluded from most of the operative production organization and supply, and those processes are automated with a high level of availability of not only financial but also technical information in real time as well as in past time.

01/05 Construction of the first production plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina completed.

Although, it was facilitated for use as early as the end of 2002 when CNC-Proizvodnja Ltd. was founded, the first production plant in Bosnia and Herzgegovina is now completely finished.

The production plant is comprised of production technologies for metal and plastics processing (cnc milling, cnc turning, round grinding, flat grinding) and assemblage.

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