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King Roulettes (

The assortment of this production program is directed toward the needs of producers of automatic roulettes, of technologies for highly specific purposes:

  • Automated roulette wheels
  • Automated roulette software
  • Automated roulettes

Automated roulette wheelsAs a leading global producer of automated roulette wheels we offer our products to our regular customers worldwide – from Taiwan to Canada, and are present as exhibitors at nine leading specialized world fairs: ICE London, ATEI London, EELEX Moscow, Entertrainment Industry Kiev, Svet Zabavy Prag, Sagse Buenos Aires, Gaming Macau.

In the four years since the adoption of this production program, we have succeeded in organizing our business affairs so that we have reached a vital competitive advantage in the area of pricing and stability in deadlines and quality.

Producers of automated roulettes can really find with us an entire array of high technology concerning automated roulettes that cannot be purchased on the consumer goods market.

Automated roulette wheels

Automated roulette wheelsAutomated roulette wheels have become the basis of our production in the last two years.

Our customers who buy our automated roulette wheels make up a large majority of automated roulette producers worldwide who have started automated roulette production in the last two years.

Our automated roulette wheels have quickly placed themselves on the global market thanks to the uncompromising quality that is unattainable to our competition even if they were priced with prices several times higher.

Also, regarding the quantity of produced automated roulette wheels we have undoubtedly become today's global leader in the production of automated roulette wheels.

The automated roulette software and hardware system license

By purchasing our automated roulette software future automated roulette producers save up heaps of time and money necessary for the development of such a sophisticated product.

This way they avoid the long-term, expensive, and very risky development and immediately start using the product that has been tested in practice both in automated roulettes that we have produced and in those the purchasers of our license have produced.

Together with the automated roulette software, the license customer receives the complete technical documentation of the hardware system that backs up the functioning of the automated roulette software (which means the specification of all standard components, the schemes for the production of custom-made components, the technical documentation for assembling the system).

By purchasing the automated roulette software and hardware license our customers reduce their costs manifold compared to the costs of developing them on their own, since the development of our automated roulette software and hardware is financed by several users.

The adaptation of the automated roulettes software and hardware systems to the specific needs of the customer is, of course, possible.

By purchasing the license, the customer saves money and in the long-term has no expenses for further development that is necessary in the competitive race since every new automated roulette software version and its back-up hardware system is cost-free for the customer.

In other words, our continuous development department works on the development of new versions of the automated roulette software and the hardware system and this development is based on user feedback and user advice.

Automated Roulettes

We have started with the production of automated roulettes primarily in order to in completely realistic circumstances test our automated roulette wheels and their automated roulette software.

We do not offer automated roulettes directly to the final users but conduct sales only via distributors who are at the same time responsible for their servicing and user support.

King Roulettes

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